2009 WAS an interesting season to say the least, as the Blue Jays "TRIED" to compete in the dangerous AL East.
Now in the offseason, the clock is ticking on the 2010 season.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ruiz Deserves A Shot In 2010!

Among all MLB hitters with at least 100 AB in 2009, Ruiz ranked second in Slugging Percentage. Sandwiched between Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, some pretty impressive company.

Albert Pujols .658 SLG
Randy Ruiz .635 SLG
Prince Fielder .602 SLG

Just for interest sakes...

#4 - Joe Mauer .587 SLG
#5 - Derrek Lee .579 SLG
#6 - Ryan Howard .571 SLG
#7 - Kendry Morales . 569 SLG
#8 - Joey Votto . 567 SLG
#9 - Garrett Jones .567 SLG
#10 - Mark Teixeira .565 SLG

AND #11

Toronto Blue Jays' own DH Adam Lind!! (.562 SLG)

The right-handed hitting Ruiz (.635 SLG) and the left-handed hitting Lind (.562 SLG) should a lethal duo in the DH spot for the Jays' in 2010. Ruiz could DH against lefties and on days when Lind plays either LF or 1B, and Ruiz could get the odd look at 1B.

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